CLA's mission is to help you reclaim your inner artist and find your unique voice in oil painting. 

If you are finally ready to take your artistic life back in charge and create the body of work that you are proud of, CLA will provide you a roadmap to help you become the artist you are born to be.

What is Creative Leap Academy? 

The Creative Leap Academy is Rajat's signature program designed to empower aspiring artists to reclaim their creative potential and find their unique voice. 

It offers an immersive online curriculum featuring engaging lectures and hands-on painting demos. You'll also have the opportunity to join Rajat for weekly live consulting Q&A sessions, and become part of a tight-knit community of fellow artists dedicated to helping you discover your unique style, hone your skills, and transform into the artist you've always aspired to be.

This program is all about equipping you with the essential tools and guidance to create paintings with impact. Through a comprehensive, step-by-step approach, we'll work together to identify your preferred painting style, chart a clear path to mastering it, and ultimately create a cohesive body of work that fills you with pride and accomplishment.


The Academy is structured in these four phases. 


During the discovery phase, we embark on a journey of exploration, delving into various sources of inspiration that ignite our creative spark. We take time to identify those elements that truly resonate with us as artists, forging a deep connection to our unique vision. Additionally, we carefully set up our studio space, recognizing and addressing any potential limitations that may hinder our creative process.


In the Foundations phase, we immerse ourselves in the fundamentals of oil painting, gaining a profound understanding of fundamentals including color, values, edges, brushwork etc. As we navigate this phase, we venture into the realm of painting techniques, embarking on a captivating journey of experimentation with various mediums, allowing our creative spirits to flourish and evolve.


Within the Mastery phase, we wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of experimentation and the freedom of personal expression, allowing our artistic souls to soar to new heights. Here, we focus on refining advanced techniques, delving into the intricacies of our chosen medium, and honing our skills to achieve a level of mastery that reflects our unique artistic voice and vision.


In this phase, we embark on an exciting journey of creating a captivating body of work that encapsulates our personal style and artistic essence. As we craft our unique portfolio, we also delve into the world of future opportunities and art shows, paving the way for our art to be seen and celebrated by a wider audience. Through this phase, we not only build our brand but also evolve into confident and professional artists, ready to leave a lasting impact on the art world.


Hi, I’m Rajat Shanbhag 👋

I began my painting journey in 2012 while pursuing my Master's in Mechanical Engineering. Painting started as a hobby, but I quickly fell in love with the way it allowed me to explore the interplay of light and color, combining keen observation with emotional expression.

As the years passed, my skills continued to evolve, and I seized every opportunity to showcase my work. After relocating to Canada, I established my own studio and gallery, where I not only created art but also began teaching others. I'm proud to have been recognized as a finalist in the Art Renewal Centre competition not once, but twice.

Throughout my artistic odyssey, I diligently documented my experiences and insights. Creative Leap Academy represents the culmination of my artistic journey, condensed into a comprehensive training platform. It's designed to empower aspiring artists to reignite their inner creativity and master the intricate art of oil painting. If you're eager to fast-track your own artistic growth and learn from my experiences, you've come to the right place. Welcome to Creative Leap Academy!

What some of his students say..

 "I started working with Rajat in order to expand my artistic tool set and manage my time as an artist and working professional. I was able to create 3 magnificent paintings through the lessons. "

Craig D.

"Rajat makes sure that each student is successful. He gives clear instruction, the videos are great, the ability to connect one on one is invaluable and he gives supportive yet honest advice along the way. Investing in working with Rajat is an investment in yourself - go for it, you’ll enjoy the experience and the outcome."

Melissa Z.

Susan F.



Are you an artist whose creative dreams have taken a back seat for far too long either due to work commitments or life keeping you busy? Do you find yourself yearning to create art that resonates with your soul, brings joy to your life, and leaves a lasting impact on others? Then CLA is for you. It's time to break free from the constraints of life's other priorities and reignite your artistic journey!

Join CLA today to shatter those barriers, reignite your creative flame, and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming the artist you've always envisioned. Let your inner artist flourish, and experience the joy of creating meaningful art while leading a fulfilling life. Don't let your aspirations remain on hold any longer—seize this opportunity to reclaim your inner artist and unleash your full potential!

Your Artistic Oasis at Home!

For many working professionals and busy individuals, the hustle and bustle of life often forces our creative aspirations to take a backseat. We find ourselves juggling responsibilities, feeling overwhelmed, and yearning to rediscover the artist within us.

Traditional art education often confines students to mimic the instructor's style, leaving little room for personal expression. Additionally, the exorbitant costs of workshops, ateliers, or art schools can be prohibitive for many aspiring artists. (Average 1-week workshops cost around $2000, whereas semester art school costs around $30,000) 

But here's the good news: Creative Leap Academy is here to empower you to reclaim your inner artist, no matter how busy life may be. We understand that becoming the artist you aspire to be is a journey that requires dedicated time, guidance, and the freedom to explore your unique style.

Our program is not about replicating a single style or adhering to rigid schedules; it's about achieving the artistic results you've always longed for, all within the confines of your busy life.

Imagine integrating your artistic practice seamlessly into your daily routine, finding solace, joy, and purpose through painting, and finally achieving the artistry you desire.

When you join Creative Leap Academy, you join a supportive community that collaborates tirelessly until your artistic goals are met, without the burden of ongoing tuition or fees.

So, what are your most significant painting ambitions? It's time to make them a reality. 

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